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We at MTW are there for you,

  • as  we are a competent partner in exhaust systems for your  model engines (silencers, manifolds, accessories), who is creative, open-minded and committed and has thus built up a reputation in the world.
  • as your satisfaction with our work motivates us. This often results in long-term relationships with satisfied customers.
  • as we only take orders, which we can master with regards to size, time frame and feasibility.
  • as we reward your trust with service and quality.

Please check the following pages and convince yourself of our service offer.

We are looking forward to fullfilling your wishes and requests.

Inhaber Volker Weiershäuser
Volker Weiershäuser


We can manufacture 4 cylinder systems for DLA 128, DA 200, DLE 222, ZDZ 224,

MVVS 190, 3W 212/220

(for other engines - on request!)

Welcome to our website!

You work hard for your money?
Now is the right time to invest it in our products!
MTW offers high quality
a comprehensive consulting
a wide range of products of silencers-manifolds-accessories
and a wide choice of adapted silencer systems for various Model producers.

And all this for acceptable prices!

Convince yourself of our super service, as “cheaper copy products” lead to repeated purchase, until a silencer system suits your model.

Enquiries, orders and comments can be easliy made online through Contact
If you are a MTW fan and you want to use our logo, please download it at the bottom of this page.



Metall - Technik - Weiershäuser

Bremer Strasse 2a

34369 Hofgeismar


office hours

Mo. through Fr. you can reach us with phone
8°°pm/ half past 1°° pm

You can to reach us via email everytime

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Phone: +49 (0)5671 / 409085
Fax: +49 (0)5671 / 409338
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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For telephone inquires in English, please call Tuesday or Friday mornings until 12 pm.